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Admixitures, sealers & cleaners


Pointing Compound

Colour Enhancer Sealer


Slate & Limestone Sealer


SSP from EASYSeal

Stone Sealer and Protector

EASYSeal Contract

Block and concrete sealer

Indian Sandstone Sealer 5L

Stain resistant colour enhancer. Easily applied

Block Guard 5L

Clear solvent based acrylic coating for driveway paving

Geofix Stone Protector

5L Natural paving stone protector

Path & Patio Seal

Acrylic based paving sealer


5L Protects, seals and stablises paving and block driveways

Patio Wizard 5L

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Feb mix plus

5L plasticiser and workability improver

FEB Brickclean

5L External brick cleaner

Path & Patio Cleaner

5L acid based cleaner

FEB Proof Plus

5L waterproofer and plasticiser

FEB Tone

1kg Cement colour die, available in 3 colours

FEB Speed

5L concrete setting time accelerant


5L PVA adhesive


5L water resisting, retarding and plasticising admixture

Optimix Intergral Waterproofer

1L Concentrated internal waterproofer

Optimix Morter Plasticiser

1L Concentrated workability improver

Optimix Render Additive

1L 3-in-1 concentrated plasticiser, waterproofer and salt inhibitor