Here at Wiltshires we are proud to supply ready mix concrete throughtout South Devon.  

Whatever your concrete application is, we can supply the correct mix design in any volume in one of our concrete mixers or as a tipped load.

We can batch concrete up to strengths of C40 and we use only quarried aggregates in all of our ready mixed concrete deliveries.  

Our concrete can be mixed using a 10mm or a 20mm limestone aggregate and we can also supply a hardstone aggregate (20mm granite) for Torbay approved applications.

Foundation concrete

A foundation is used to support a building or structure and transmits loads directly to the underlying soil or rock. It must satisfy two fundamental requirements. Firstly, it must provide an adequate factor of safety against failure of the supporting strata. Secondly, any resulting settlement, and in particular differential settlement, should not be detrimental or interfere with the function of the structure.

Flooring concrete

Typically a flooring concrete design contains a higher quanitity of sand and is batched using a 10mm aggregate.  This makes a wide range of concrete finishes possible such as float finish, brush finish and also, a polished concrete finish,

Sand & cement screed

A floor screed is usually a cement based material made from a 1:3 ratio of cement to sharp sand. It may be applied onto either a solid in-situ concrete ground floor slab or onto a precast concrete floor unit.

No fines concrete

No-fines concrete is obtained by eliminating the fine material sand, from the normal concrete mix. The single-sized coarse aggregates are surrounded and held together by a thin layer of cement paste giving strength of concrete.

Fibre reinforced concrete

Polypropylene fibre concrete contains thousands of individual fibres which are evenly dispersed throughout the concrete during the mixing process, this creates a matrix-like structure that provides additional benefits to concrete such as long-term durability and toughness.

Concrete retarder

We can supply you with a retarder added to your concrete or sand & cement ready mixer to extend the open time by approimately 2 hours,

Whatever concrete mix you require we can deliver the right specification for the application so contact one of our friendly, knowledge team for more information or to get a quotation.